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Before CaptainBook: You experience overbooking, your are stressed, you feel you need to hire a back-office person and struggle to get your money from your local resellers. After CaptainBook: Bookings are flowing, you are getting paid, you're on top of things and have a clear view of your business.

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Reduce your average commission

Get bookings from local businesses

64% of bookings are done while the final customer is in-destination. Accept bookings from local hotels, airbnb hosts and travel agencies taking these big OTAs commissions down and helping your local economy.

No more overbooking

Your availabilities & prices in your pocket

Your calendar is connected to all your channels. No more overbooking. Need to know how are tomorrow's bookings? It's in your pocket! Accessible anywhere, at anytime.

Maximize your direct bookings

Make your website bookable in 2 clicks

Turn your existing website into a 24/7 sales channel. No need to ditch your website, our solution adapts to any website, including Wordpress, Wix, Joomla, etc. Start selling now, it doesn't take more than a minute.

The first in destination channel manager. Ready to discover ?

We connect your business to local resellers. You pay less commission, gain local visibility and help your local ecosystem grow. Accept foreign and local tourism, with no efforts.

Local distribution network

Build your own network of reselling partners (local hotels, airbnbs, travel agencies) with an innovative AI powered matching algorithm.

Live availability

No more overbooking, guaranteed. See all your bookings and update all channels in realtime, no hassle.

Sell online

Get online bookings, accept online payments from anywhere and transform your website into a selling machine.

App Store

Enjoy cutting edge technology and install problem solving apps for your industry. Integrate with state-of-the-art tools and automate your business.

Offers & Coupons

Track offers, discounts and process gift cards. Setup promotions and maximize conversion. No more pointless facebook ads!


Understand your business, your performance and your customers. Pilot your company with clear numbers like a pro and beat the competition.

Tour operators love
using CaptainBook

CaptainBook has been working great for us! We have been able to sell directly from our own website in no time.
Each booking comes with an automated confirmation email for us, but also for our customer. The recap is great and contains all needed details like where to meet us for the tour, the price paid, our contact number in case of emergency, etc.
Jerome & Luca really know the market, I would recommend their booking system to any tour provider!

I really enjoy the fact that CaptainBook is able to do paperwork very specific to my tours.
Sailing tours are complex and need a lot of paperwork. With the CaptainBook boating app, it generates my chartering contracts, crew list and other industry specific paperwork.
Using CaptainBook not only saves me time, but improved my revenue!

I just installed CaptainBook on my website. I was ready to accept online direct bookings in minutes!
Jerome & Luca were one phone call away if I needed any help, and it was great to know.
The platform is super easy to use, I feel on top of things now, ready for next season!

We integrate with the tools you need and use everyday

You already use tools in your daily life and want to keep them. We understand that!
That is why we integrate with hundreds of other softwares.

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Ready to get started? CaptainBook.io is free

Unlock your full potential, and start growing your sales now! For free!

No credit card required
Cancel anytime
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Frequently asked questions

Let's answer some of your questions.

Do I need to enter my payment details to sign up ?

No. You can join with no commitment and use the platform as long as you like. To accept online bookings, you will need to provide us with your company details.

Do I need to download or install anything ?

No, nothing at all! We are cloud based, meaning that you can get started as soon as you sign-up! The platform works from any device, your data is automatically backed up and protected.

Will CaptainBook work with my existing website ?

Absolutely! It has been designed to integrate directly with you website to deliver your customers a seamless brand experience. If you feel you need help, we are always a phone call away. (email, chat, whatever works best for you, works for us!)

How easy is it to switch from another booking software ?

It is very simple! Our customer success team is here to help you out. We can do the job for you if you do not want to do it yourself, for free!

Can I take bookings in different currencies?

Sure! We already handle euros, british pounds, american and canadian dollars!

How CaptainBook is different from other booking platforms?

Simple: CaptainBook focuses on connecting you to trusted local resellers to help you reduce your average commission while increasing your revenue. We are more than just a platform, we are a booking engine, a channel manager, a marketing tool... We are all you need to grow your tour business, rolled up in one super easy tool.

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