Why choose CaptainBook over FareHarbor.

At first sight and FareHarbor seem to be the same products. Both provide cloud-based tour and activity booking solutions that enable tour operators to manage their day-to-day business operations. But a closer look to what both systems offer will make you change your mind.

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Is CaptainBook an independent platform? has been created by leading industry experts and they know first hand the difficulties and challenges of being a tour operator.

CaptainBook is an independent platform created by tourism experts like you

Fareharbor has been acquired by Booking Holdings, the group behind and most operators are concerned that their data will be used by


Can I Choose who is going to pay the commission ?

FareHarbor doesn’t give you the opportunity to choose between you and your client to pay the commission. You have only one option, to pass the cost to the customer. With you have the option to either pass on the commission to the customer or to absorb it. has a clear pricing plan

Both CaptainBook and FareHarbor have neither set up nor monthly subscription costs. But FareHarbor charges a 6% commission, which makes it one of the most expensive options in the market. With CaptainBook you won’t have a monthly subscription and the commission is only 4%.

Dreamland travel agency is using

"With our daily booking operations are easier than ever. Our customers are thrilled when they call us for an experience and we send them the link to make the reservation. We save precious time and our customers are much more happy."


Travel Agency in Corfu, Greece


Can I accept deposits for my bookings?

With CaptainBook, you can accept deposits from your clients, giving then flexibility. It is known to lead to better conversion rates and ultimately more bookings.


Is CaptainBook User Experience better than Fareharbor?

If you ever wondered why some booking systems are really successful and others not, the answer is simple: successful booking systems are designed and structured with customers and user experience at the forefront of their minds.

Fareharbor’s User Interface is outdated and difficult to use, as a result users may never proceed to booking.

CaptainBook’s interface is designed so that users would never feel lost using our booking system, and they are able to make a booking in an easy, intuitive and comfortable way.

Philema Food Tours is using

"The CaptainBook Team are always super fast to respond and to resolve each little issue I have encountered during use. Their responsiveness and high level of customer service is something I noticed since day 1 and they’ve never failed me ever since."

Philema Food Tours

Travel Operator in Naxos Island, Greece

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