for Amazon's "Naxos, Smart Island" Project's management salutes Amazon's Project "Naxos, Smart Island".'s management salutes Amazon's effort to help create a model digital culture center in the Aegean through the "Naxos, Smart Island" Project.

We are particularly happy that a corporate giant and pioneer of digital technologies such as Amazon has decided to invest in our island, recognizing with us the great potential for innovation, as we do with WorkFromNaxos and CaptainBook.

Our own vision all this years through and WorkFromNaxos is to help Naxos becoming the first Greek "smart island".

The venture of Jeff Bezos in collaboration with the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, and the local authoritires of our island lays the foundations for a bright future full of innovation and technological development.

Our love for Naxos has led us to create the ground for new technologies in terms of tourism and it is especially hopeful to see companies like Amazon follow this effort in other sectors such as health and the agri-food sector.

"We are convinced  the impact for the next 10 years will be huge, creating excellent opportunities for the young people of the island and for those who wish to work as digital nomads from Naxos."
Jerome Bajou, CEO & Co-Founder at

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