About us

Learn more about who we are, what we do, and how it all started.

About us

CaptainBook.io was founded in 2021 by Jerome Bajou, a travel industry expert and serial entrepreneur & Luca Lattanzio, an travel industry leader and technical sales guru. Our goal is to help tour and activity operators making the most of their business by reducing the amount of commission they give away while making their life easier.

The team

We are working hard to create the tools of tomorrow, improving your business, your rentability and helping you setting higher goals.

Jerome Bajou, co-founder & CEO at CaptainBook.io

Jerome Bajou

Co-founder, CEO

Travel industry expert, & serial entrepreneur

Luca Lattanzio, co-founder & COO at CaptainBook.io

Luca Lattanzio

Co-founder, COO

Travel industry leader, & technical sales guru

How it all started

Back in 2012, co-founder Jerome was working as a tour operator in a sailing tour company in Naxos Island (Greece). His passion for sailing made him believe that he would be able to sail every day, spending all his time on his boat. The reality was different. He found himself stuck on his phone for most of the day, sending emails, taking bookings, managing paperwork and taking care of its customers.
Luca was selling experiences, including Jerome's sailing tours, while managing properties and accommodations in Naxos. The whole process of reselling tours was very complicated, time consuming, and very stressful.
Both frustrated, they decided to act, changing things for themselves in 2016, where Jerome wrote a small cloud based app known later as being the base of CaptainBook.io. They then decided to open the project to all tour operators of the world, helping tons of experience-based businesses managing their operations, and reselling networks.

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