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Let’s start with a quick introduction! was founded in 2021 by Jerome Bajou, a travel industry expert and serial entrepreneur & Luca Lattanzio, a travel industry leader and technical sales guru. Our main goal, from the beginning, is to help tour & activity operators making the most of their business by reducing the amount of commission they give away while making their life easier.

Jerome, the co-founder of the company, was working as a tour operator in a sailing tour company in Naxos Island, Greece since 2012. As a sea and tour enthusiast, all he wanted to do was spending his days sailing, but the reality was different. The phone calls, the emails, the paperwork turned his dream into a nightmare.

Luca, who is also a co-founder, was selling tours and experiences, including Jerome's sailing tours, while managing properties and accommodations in Naxos. He knew from first hand how stressful and time consuming the process of reselling tours was.

That’s how it all started back in 2016, when Jerome wrote a small cloud based app known later as being the base of Both Jerome & Luca was about to start their project, help tour operators managing their business and grow their reselling networks!

Since then, our team has grown and new projects are on their way!

If you want to learn more about contact with us here

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