The new brand name for Small Hotels

Smotel: What is it & how small hotels can get the brand certification?

Smotel is a new ‘generation’ of tourist accommodation, which will bring changes in hospitality industry. The Confederation of Tourist Accommodation Entrepreneurs (SETKE) is talking about a new perspective of small tourist accommodations, which are entering a new era in the field of hospitality.

According to a relevant announcement, Smotel is the last of the three projects that the Confederation has promoted in recent years (the other two are the Breakfast Basket and the Alternative Holiday Experiences), which with its completion will play an important role in the transformation of the industry of small tourist accommodation.

A tourist accommodation will be able to get brand certification, regardless of category and size, as long as it will provide upgraded and specialized services and facilities to its customers, promoting the experience of hospitality.
This new category of accommodation will be able to include small hotels that meet a set of specifications.

Accommodation enterprises, in order to be certified with the new brand name, must provide their customers with upgraded services, such as the Breakfast Basket, and the lower key categories must provide at least one form of experiential tourism activity.

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